ZIMS, November 2018

The topic of this year’s ZIMS was Emergency Medicine, where through lectures and workshops (FAST UZV, trauma review, resuscitation, rapid sequence intubation, primary wound treatment) held by doctors and professors from the Faculty of Medicine, participants from ten European countries had the opportunity to adopt new knowledge and master new skills.

Participants who applied for active participation represented their work to their colleagues and to the Scientific Committee made by professors of the School of Medicine in Zagreb , which evaluated the papers, and the best of them will be published in the Journal of Medicine as a full text, while all the accepted summaries are published as a supplementary journal.

This year we welcomed the representatives of medical faculties across Europe with whom we have signed partnership agreements (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Portugal) for the purpose of promoting the ZIMS itself, our associations and the Faculty of Medicine without which the realization of this project would not be possible.

An integral part of ZIMS is also a social program, where every day of the congress organized various social activities and the last day and sightseeing of the city with a tourist guide.
After the successful ZIMS this year, the organizing committee is already thinking about the next one which will, hopefully, surpass all the previous.